At Play

As we round up our first full year of jewelry making, we are taking some time to review what we've learned. We've gotten through some big learning curves, for sure, and we have emerged stronger and better for it. (At least, we hope so.) 

Something new we made today that we've decided looks too much like a football helmet. *pause* You can't un-see it now, can you? [Dyed quartz + brass beads.]

One of the things we had wondered at the beginning is--how often should a jewelry maker come out with a new collection? There are designers who make two seasonal collections a year; some who make new designs as they go along; and others for whom we can discern no predictable pattern. The next thing we wondered is--how about us? 

We made this one right afterward... And we like this one better than the 'football helmet' above. Phew. [African turquoise + brass washers.]

While we are still figuring that part out for ourselves, we like to take time in between to play around with new shapes and designs. We've heard that it can be difficult for designers to pull away from making their current designs and to work on new stuff; we've had the opposite problem! Perhaps, as time goes on, we'll settle into a routine, but for now, we can only produce so much of our current work before getting the itch to make something new. (Our current longest record stands at two days. Ahem.) 

Posted on February 6, 2015 .