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Our First Lookbook(!)

I can't believe we did it! Travel By Sea's very first lookbook, done for our Fall/Winter 2014 collection, CITY LIGHTS, is complete. It was delayed by more than a month (I had originally wanted to do it no later than the last week of August; we did the photoshoot in October), but I couldn't be prouder of it.

Copyright 2014 Travel By Sea

Copyright 2014 Travel By Sea

My lovely friend (and former co-worker and roommate) Kayla modeled for me, while my fiance, Damien, helped set up the lights and edited my photos (he is a professional photographer, but me being a control freak, I wanted to shoot the photos myself. On another note, now I know why photographers have assistants!). 

I had the wardrobe already, and Kayla did her own hair and makeup. It was loads of fun, and I can't wait to do our next one!


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